Intensive Training Program

We have developed an intensive training program to prepare our new staff members for their position as an emergency services dispatcher.

Upon entering a training class, new personnel are issued their own personal training manual, charts, training uniform. Insight is given on the responsibility and intensity of their chosen profession as an emergency services dispatcher. Instructions begin in lecture format followed by immediate hands on instruction of equipment, tools and resources. Written and oral examinations of learned material are administered routinely throughout the training process. Each new staff member is evaluated at the close of every training session to identify their strengths and weaknesses and concentrate on the necessary areas of skill in need of improvement.

A written final examination is administered on office and department procedures midway through the training process. New personnel receiving a grade of 80 or higher proceed to an intense hands on format to begin applying the information they have learned. The hands on training continues until the personnel have gained enough experience to be promoted to a probationary dispatcher when they will then be issued their own dispatcher # and assigned to join a team on tours of duty. Their performance is closely monitored in order to evaluate their progress, quality assurance and offer guidance as they develop into the high quality emergency services we expect. After a three month probation each new staff member is evaluated and considered for a permanent position.

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