If you live, work or travel within the jurisdiction of our member agencies which include Babylon, Copiague, Deer Park, Lindenhurst,

North Amityville, North Babylon, North Lindenhurst, West Babylon,

Wyandanch, you should know how to call in your emergency !


There are 2 options available to you to call in your emergency. One is to dial 911 and the other is to dial our seven digit number 226-1212. Each of these options has it’s own benefits.


- Dial 911

Since the inception of Enhanced 911 on January 4, 1998 Babylon Central Fire Alarm has been the designated Public Safety Answering Point for the Town of Babylon. Any caller who dials 911 indicating will be automatically transferred to our emergency communications center. This is done while the Suffolk County Police Turret Operator remains on the line with you. The enhanced 911 system gives us immediate access to a screen which lists the telephone number from which you are calling, the location of that telephone ( or address ), Community, Police Department Response, Fire Response and Ambulance Response. We will complete the "interrogation" or interview with you, since we already have the address you are calling from on screen we will simply have to confirm the information and attain the rest of the information on your emergency.


When you dial 911 you should you know there is an 8 - 10 second delay before you will hear a ring. This delay is due to the switching system to access the required records.

There may be times you experience difficulty getting through to 911 or times when the system is so back logged with calls that you receive a recording requesting you to hold on for the next available operator. Remember that 911 is the number that everyone uses to call the police department.

You should know you have another option in which to report your emergency....


- Dial 226-1212

This is the seven digit telephone number for you to directly contact our emergency communications center.

When you call we will not have the screen of information with your location and telephone number. We DO have caller ID for access to your telephone number and will attain your location information from you during the interrogation or interview process.

When you DIAL 226-1212 you will never get a busy signal and you will never get a recording asking you to hold on. Your call will always be answered by a professional dispatcher ready to aide in your emergency.





- If you experience an emergency , there is essential information

you will need to give the dispatcher.


Type of Emergency :_____________________________


Your Name :___________________________________


Incident Location :_______________________________


Nearest Cross Street:_____________________________




Telephone Number:______________________________



If you are calling for an ambulance, the dispatcher is going to continue with you on the line with specific questions in order to assess the patient and administer treatment. This is called EMD or Emergency Medical Dispatch. This service is provided in order there be a zero response time to your emergency and treatment can begin immediately by you through the instructions you will receive from the dispatcher.

You may want to print this screen , fill it out and place it near the telephones in your home or your workplace if it is within our jurisdiction.









Each and Every Dispatcher at Babylon Central Fire Alarm is a certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher. The dispatcher (EMD) is going to ask you key questions pertaining to the injured or sick person for whom you are requesting an ambulance. They are going to give you patient care instructions for you to administer until the arrival of an ambulance. Depending on the nature of the illness or injuries the dispatcher may keep you on the phone continuing instructions until the arrival of an EMS crew or Police Officer or may give you initial instructions and advise you to call back if the patient’s condition changes in ANY way.

Every EMD is required to attend a 3 day course before becoming certified. Once certification is attained, there is a requirement of a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education and a bi-annual written examination to maintain certification. The certification is received through the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch.

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