Emergency Medical Dispatxh System "EMD"

Every staff member is a certified EMD . Upon completion of their certification they are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education and submit a written exam bi-annually.

This is an invaluable resource providing immediate patient care through instruction to the caller of any medical emergency.

Computer Aided Dispatch System ( CADS )

Our CADS lists all addresses with detailed information such as the crosst streets, direction of the street, which side of the street the building is located on, nearest fire hydrants etc. There is also an intersections listing and a business listing which includes hazardous materials information to aide in protecting both the public and the firefighters.

All of our documentation is completed on the CADS. Documentation requirements are stringent and kept for every task performed on every tour.

Paging System

Each console PC is capable of sending alpha pages to ou members and staff to keep them informed all information as necessary.

Map Info

Map Info is a mapping program which aides the dispatcher in providing acurate directions to a specific location. It also provides further fire hydrant information and can be used to assess an evacuation area as well.

Coles Reverse Directory

The coles reverse directory access an address from a telephone number or a telephone number from an address. Many times callers in distress cannot always provide this information or a young caller may does not know this information.

Hurricane Tracking System

We monitor all tropical storms with their details to ensure we are prepared well in advance for any strom that has potential to affect our area.

Cameo System

A hazardous materials and hazardous chemicals listing including handling of such materials.

Language Line

A service provided for all non english speaking residents to aide in proper interrogation and assure proper and timely response to their emergency.

TTY Comunications

Each emergency call taker position is equiped with a TTY which identidies the call as a TTY calls and immediately respond to calls from our hearing impaired community enabling a proper and timely response to their emergency.

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